I AM MEDITATION is a free app and the content and material we share here are tools that can be beneficial to your life as well as thousands of people around the world.   Running our app  requires maintenance and operational costs.

In order to keep I AM MEDITATION free, we ask for the support of our community, and this can be done in several ways:

1. LOVE DONATION: You can make a one time donation or a monthly donation for the amount that best aligns with your budget.  Just CLICK HERE and remember: No donation amount is too small!

2. SPONSORSHIP: This can be done in different ways:

a) Sponsor a Meditation: Do you have a specific Guided Meditation request that you would like us to record and publish?  We would love to do that and we will share in the credits that you sponsored that audio.

b) Sponsor a Podcast: At the beginning of one of our podcasts we will add a short commercial to promote your business and give you the credits as a sponsor.  You may choose which podcast to sponsor among those that are not yet sponsored.

c) Announce your business:  Are you a therapist or healer?  Do you own an online store or have a business that you think fits here?  I AM MEDITATION is a great place for you to announce it!  We will add your info to this page and you will be seen by all of our users around the globe! 

3. COLLABORATE: If you are a musician, composer, a story teller or any other kind of natural artist who loves to create and inspire people, we invite you to share your creations with the world in a collaborative way! Or perhaps you like to promote your business with an interview on one of our podcasts?  If any of these things resonate with you, please contact us.  In exchange, and after approving your submission, we will add your credits and contact info to the work that we choose to be published in I AM MEDITATION.

As you can see there are many ways to keep this app running for free.  If you have other ideas on how you can support us and for more information about sponsorship prices or collaboration options, please do not hesitate to contact us at: journeyangels@hotmail.com or info@journeyangels.com